How 8 minutes a day can dissolve stress and boost energy so you feel unstoppable again
(so you can do more without slowing down)
2-Day Immersion Oct 26-27 | Portland OR

Learn the full Fascial Flow Method™  system of self-care to unwind tension, overcome pain + limitation, and dramatically enhance physical, cognitive, emotional, and creative performance.


This is for the leaders, movers + shakers, and super busy high achievers!
Because living with a default baseline on-edge, grouchy, hypersensitive, exhausted, and mentally foggy is no way to thrive... let alone be able to accomplish your work in the world and care for others without sacrificing your own health.  
You don’t have time to slow down and meditate for an hour a day. Or take several hours to go to the gym every day. And if one more doctor tells you to "slow down" you're going to lose it. 
Because you have big things to accomplish and people who rely on you to be at the top of your game. And you don't live in some magical stress-free bubble! And you probably don’t feel great about medicating your way through these things (whether that’s actual prescription, or coffee, energy drinks, and sugar) because that’s not really a long-term solution.
What you need are QUICK + SIMPLE solutions to get out of an energy slump, get over the intensity of unavoidable stressors quickly, and get back to your life and fill it with amazing things!
For years, I suffered from exhaustion and a variety of chronic health challenges that meant doctors were constantly telling me I needed to do less, spend more hours every day on meditation, yoga, and stress management… 
…But I wasn’t willing to simply resign my life to doing less.
The highest manifestation of years of study and practice, I've refined some of the most innovative + effective techniques to improve resilience and stability in just minutes a day.
The key to resilience is fluid movement.
Our brains handle stress with an intelligent response called "fight-or-flight" mode. Whether you’re navigating traffic to avoid an accident or facing a tiger attack (!) fight-or-flight helps us survive long enough to get out of danger. The problem arises when we're stuck in fight-or-flight (on loop, like hiccups) for weeks, months, years, and sometimes decades. 
Chronically elevated fight-or-flight mode leads to symptoms like:
  • chronic fatigue
  • anxiety
  • grouchy mood
  • mental fog
  • difficulty sleeping
  • allergies
  • memory challenges
  • and more
 Normally, we recover from fight-or-flight with MOVEMENT
(think of how you want to shake your hand after smashing your finger)
Movement sends signals to the brain that reduce pain + recovers the brain back down from fight-or-flight mode to its normal resting baseline.
That's why exercise fights depression, why you have more energy after a run than if you sit on the couch all day, and also why kids at schools with gym class test higher on standardized testing than at schools where phys ed has been pulled from the curriculum!
Maybe now you're thinking “I just need to exercise more”, right? NOPE. 
For exercise to be effective, all parts of your body have to move like a well-oiled machine…if there are any sticky or rigid parts, the brain searches for the normal signals that would come from those places but instead it gets alarm signals that amplify the fight-or-flight response (double-bad!) 
To interrupt this fight-or-flight loop, it’s not just that we need to exercise - it's crucial to FIRST loosen the sticky places and THEN exercise.  
AND if you exercise more intelligently / efficiently based on knowing where the highest density of stress-busting signaling happens, you can get the same benefits of an hour of exercise in a fraction of the time
The key to fluid movement is fascia. Fascia is the spiderweb-like material that dynamically suspends everything in your body. It is the connective tissue between all bone, muscle, and organs that directly affects how your body absorbs force.  
The problem arises when fascia loses its ability to move smoothly, whether that’s from injury, chronic stress, dietary inflammation, or sitting at a desk all day long.  
When fascia gets stuck to muscle, bone, or even to itself, it doesn’t just affect that tight spot – it affects the entire system. Because of the structural + neurological connections, you become vulnerable to both physical injury and stress of all kinds.
Most people know to get help from chiropractic, massage, etc when they feel stuck... but 1) you don't usually feel stuck places until they're chronic and/or severe (because our bodies are awesome at compensating), and 2) wouldn't it be nice to not need to rely on outside help so much?!
Having grown up in a family full of chiropractors + massage therapists, and now living far away from them, I've made it my mission to figure out how to get better fluid movement with LESS FREQUENT adjustments + massage... in just MINUTES a day!
Using these QUICK + SIMPLE tools, you can reduce your own chronic fight-or-flight response so you can reclaim your health, reclaim your mental clarity, and reclaim your happiness because my ultimate goal for you is that you not just survive, but thrive
Here are just a few of the benefits people have reported using these tools:
  • Wake up full of energy + no afternoon slump
  • Teach your brain to recover from stress faster
  • Not get triggered so easily in the first place
  • Chiro adjustments + massage last longer
Introducing the Brand New Training in Portland
Over the course of two fun + inspiring days, you're going to learn hands-on skills that you can use in your daily life moving forward. This revolutionary method has only been available to Dr. Satya's private clients up to this point. This is a rare and special opportunity to learn her powerful method with an amazing community at a fraction of the cost. Come join us!
2 Day Immersion Oct 26-27, 2019
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Rave Reviews for Dr. Satya + the Method You'll Be Learning

Oh. My. God. Results. -- Last night and this morning, after doing that fascial release and the flow - it's subtle but profound - I had the most restful sleep I've had in ages. AGES! I woke up in the least-crankiest mood since I can remember. !!!! Was not expecting this result. Am very happily receiving it.

- Marissa S, teacher + photographer

I feel less easily thrown off balance by life, generally more relaxed, more able to manage stress. I also broke off a relationship that wasn't working and though I'm still processing it a lot, I don't know if I would have been able to do that a couple months ago.

- Amanda S, voice teacher

- Valerie Cashman, holistic health coach

- Daria Howell, holistic nutritionist

I've suffered chronic hip pain for years, and it keeps me up at I tried one of the quick self-massage strategies and within minutes I was fast asleep. I've used this same strategy several times in the past month with the same results, which is super exciting!

- Sarah Lax, midwife

Dr. Satya is a deeply sensitive individual, able to tune in to what is happening in her patient's body in a way I've rarely experienced. Her clinical competence is remarkable, and deeply informs her teaching style. I'm confident doing what she teaches, because it's easy to trust that she has done the research.  

- Sam Zoranovich, DC, CST

Dr. Satya is one of the most motivated and brilliant women in clinical science. She successfully blends elements of research on anatomy + neurology, clinical experience, and personal experience in a way that brought power and immediate applicability to the material covered. 

- Amy Haas, PhD, DC

Wow! I am less stressed, more resilient, I have MORE energy, and I feel more relaxed in my body!

- Amanda G, occupational therapist

I'm sleeping better, have less tension, I've been able to cut back on medications for pain and sleep, and I have more of a happy demeanor.

- Kelli B, elementary school teacher

Here's What You'll Be Learning During the Training...

Chaos to Calm.



Fascial Flow Method Foundations

How to Unwind Bracing

Training the Brain to Become More Resilient


Hands-On Fascial Release (Single Area + 8 min Full Body Sequence)

Fluidity Exercises for Fascial Release

How to Release Stored Tension in Minutes


Pattern Interrupt Strategies

How to Dissolve Stress Instantly

Recovering Faster From Unavoidable Triggers


Simple Nutritional Strategies to Optimize Brain Function

Postural Ergonomics to Alleviate Stress

How to Select Professional Support


Integration, Sustainability, and Becoming Unstoppable

Next Steps to Level Up Your Resilience

We've distilled a decade of innovation, usually delivered over months of private clinical care, into the most effective iteration yet
Training together with a select group of highly-motivated early adopters, you'll get the benefits of individualized attention in a fraction of the time.
What would it be worth for you to downshift out of fight-or-flight mode?
How would that impact your...
work life?
play time?
long-term health?
When it comes to quality of life and being able to enjoy more, connect more, and DO MORE, there isn't really a price you can put on that. These are invaluable life skills that you can use FOREVER for FREE.
While the financial impact in terms of increased productivity and decreased healthcare spending is likely in the tens to hundreds of thousands, your investment for this training is much less... 


One-on-one assessment to customize your home program
($325 value)
Advance access to Dr. Satya's cookbook with recipes to implement nutritional recommendations
($45 value)
5 Weeks of FFM Studio Classes @ Chrysalis Studio PDX
($220 value)
Your investment:
$975 early bird
(ends 9/20)

*** space is limited to allow for individualized attention ***

Get everything you need to supercharge your resilience and become an unstoppable force in your personal + professional life.

If you're ready to dramatically level up your energy, productivity, and happiness...

If you're looking to stand out from the crowd in your personal + professional life...

Then you want to be part of this fun, efficient, powerful training that you can quickly integrate into your busy life.

We're taking a highly screened group of motivated individuals who are ready to get results NOW. Click below to schedule a chat with Dr Satya to see if this program is right for you!

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